I have this thing with distressed any and everything. If it has holes, cut up or cropped its almost a guarantee I'll grab it or put it in my cart and immediately purchase. This Zara sweater is no exception. The moment I saw it while browsing online I knew I needed to have it in my closet. 


As the temperatures cool and fall weather begins to settle in I've been tasked with turning my summer closet staples into everyday fall outfits which means my cute flowy summer dresses are now being turned into shirts over jeans paired boots while being photographed in a grungier/darker atmospheres. I'll be honest I'm so excited to pack up my summer wardrobe this weekend and begin unpacking all of my fall/winter clothes so i can start figuring out what staples I don't have and may need. 


Once temperatures get below 70 I am the first person who immediately grabs the leather jacket and starts outfit planning. I can't help it - I am obsessed with all things fall with the exception of pumpkin spice lattes because those are trash. 


I feel like every time Clueless - I am totally Ty/Tai in all her oversized tomboy vibes, definitely going to do a whole outfit post dedicated to her at some point -  comes on I am amped to go into my closet to grab a cute floral thin strapped dress and layer it with a trust white tee shirt - B O O M - instant 90s outfit done.


While these aren't my strongest photos these were taken during such a special time for me. I had just gotten awesome news from my Dr after stressing for about a week and feeling overwhelmed and sad for no reason


I am a true advocate for supporting your friends in all of their business endeavors regardless of what they are - if you sell food, cool I'll buy it. Blog, I'll read it. Start a foundation, I'll be there with bells and whistles doing whatever I can to support you.