W E L C O M E to the newest section of my blog aka my love child. I have been toying around with the idea of adding a section to my blog dedicated to mental health - specifically my own. While this is just the beginning and more will be coming I'm excited to launch this safe space for myself and for anyone else who may need it. As you may know I have been navigating my way through depression and anxiety for quite some time but just recently decided to share my struggle with the world and I realized by opening myself up for the world to see has given me a passion to chase. I am a supporter of mental health - knowing it, understanding it and conquering it that dedicating a piece of myself and my blog to it was a no brainer. I want this space to reflect where I am. I want to share my struggles & my triumphs. I want to offer a space where we can talk to each other, grow with each other but most of all I want to create an open space where we can share and know that we are not alone in our struggles.

No one deserves to suffer in silence. 

I refuse to continue to suffer in silence. 

Mental Monday is our safe space. 

I hope you join me.