Happy October! I took a much needed week off and it has been the most refreshing week and definitely just what the doctor ordered. I had time to get myself and my goals in order and figure out what direction creatively I wanted to go. With that being said, I plan to fully launch into my YT channel that focuses opening up the dialogue on mental health and really diving deep and talking about it. Once I get a better video/computer set up now that my MacBook has officially died you can expect 2 video a month that touches on all things mental health with the occasional guest.

As a way to introduce whats to come I wanted to start with a very real and low moment of mine to show the brutal side of depression. Its raw and a little hard to hear myself talk and cry but its real. Its still sweating after leaving the gym, messy hair and just having a meltdown in your car and wanting people to understand the thoughts you can't always put into words. 

This is real. This is me.  I am ripping myself open to help those who struggle silently. Please be kind.