I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. I love it simply because I am obsessed with black twitter and being able to share life experiences with millions of people all at once but i hate twitter because it gives unlicensed mental health "experts" a platform to make a cruel assessment on what depression is and isn't. Recently good ol' Andrew Tate wrote a series of tweets aka a thread on how depression isn't real (photos below) and I felt myself go cold - I was angry because some asshole told a group of individuals who's struggles are VERY real that they were fake, that all we had to do was buck up and life would get better and of course, once we start to work out, make better choices...BOOM! we're happy all over again. Andrew, you're wrong and here's why: 


I am not fat, bald or lonely.

I am a 27 year old woman who battles with depression every.single.day. It's not pretty or poetic, its cruel and some days goddamn debilitating. It's waking up every morning hoping and praying that today will be a good day. I'll get out of bed, make my morning coffee, watch an episode on tv and go out the door with my spirits remaining high- that is a good day for me. But some days, its beginning to cry in bed because I physically can't get my legs to work to remove myself from my safe space. Its driving to work knowing I should've taken a mental health day because I can't seem to get my mind to work correctly. It's being ashamed to admit that I struggle every day even though I want to be better. It's beginning to work out with a personal training but still feeling some semblance of sadness once I leave the loudness of the gym and sitting in the car wondering if THIS will always be my life. I'm not lonely or miserable. I have an amazing family as my greatest support system who would slay dragons for me if that meant I would be happier than I have been. I have people in my corner waiting to help me fight my battles but I'm not lazy enough to allow them because I will conquer this "fake" disease on my own. {heavy sarcasm}

Since we're being candid Andrew, depression is cruel. It's this black hole you fall into that you can't put into simple terms and explain it to someone. It's living and breathing it every day but struggling to put into words what it actually means. You get to sit behind your computer and throw jokes and fake information in 140 characters or less to all of your followers that those who struggle are just unhappy with their lives and too lazy to fix it.

You are not smart, cool or informative. You are hurtful and incredibly dangerous. You are cosigning this belief that depression is fake and that those or struggle with it are liars or people who would rather use their "depression" as a crutch instead of getting their life together. Its people like you Andrew that stop those most vulnerable from wanting to come forward and talk about it. 

So I leave you with this: Be mindful of the following you have. Use it for good. Help those who are struggling but most of all, learn to be kind to those who are fighting an invisible battle inside of themselves who just want someone to care enough to let them talk.