words matter : the words that got me through 2017.


1. Growth - i am not complete, i am still a work in progress and will never be truly done. 

2. Perseverance - i won't advance in this life if i don't allow myself to push through the hard shit in life. 

3. Sorry - man, the power of the word sorry. 2017 helped me understand the importance of the word and how to say it when i'm wrong. 

4. Forgivness - in 2017 i learned how to forgive myself for treating myself without care, forgive myself for the ways i treated other people because of my internalized hurt but most of all i've learned to forge people who couldn't say sorry for hurting me - their faults do not reflect on me. 

5. Acceptance - accepting that that this is the life i've been given and its up to me what comes of it. 

6. I'm here - the power of the statement, whether im saying it to someone else or i'm hearing someone say it to me. 

7. No - i do not have to say yes to everyone and anyone. its important to say no when i need a break from life or when needed to stand up for myself. 

8. Let go - let go of all the negativity before it chews me up and spits me out.


 what are some words that got you through 2017?

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