who am i?


Do you ever take a moment and really look at the reflection staring back at you?

What do you see?

Do you like her?

Do you hate her? 

Are there things you wanna change about her?

I used to hate the person who stared back at me - she was beautiful but empty. the noise inside of her head would drown her alive and the only things she could focus on was what she was lacking. she was a little bit broken but she wanted to be better, she needed to be better. she just wanted to love and be loved in return - for everything she was and everything she wasn't. that girl was me. 

last weekend I went to a curated vibes group event and while looking around the space at Brooklyn Brigade I caught my reflection in a mirror and couldn't help but stare at the woman looking back at me. in that moment of self reelection I was able to realize how much I have grown and changed - I am a better version of myself who yes, still has a lot of work to do but she's growing and learning and working through her shit. I am fighting my depression and winning, I'm building relationships and rebuilding the bridges I've burned. I am a constant work in progress and I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

I see a 27 year old woman who is slowly but surely figuring her shit out, I don't like her I love her and nah, there's not hate left in my heart for her. and last but definitely not least, there is absolutely nothing I would change about her.