your body is a temple.


I have loved you, I have loathed you.
I have starved you, I have fed you.

When people say your body is your temple I used to look at them like they were crazy - this body - with its stretch marks and loose skin, with its rolls I’m too excited to point and pull at would be considered a temple? To whom? Not me. Body positivity is a journey I am eager to go on yet hesitant to speak on. I’m not “big enough” to be considered fat yet I’m not fit enough to be considered beautiful - crazy how much social media dictates what we believe 🙃. While I’m at a crossroad in my journey to loving myself fully I have found beautiful women to follow like @gracefvictory who praises her body and its rolls, doesn’t give a shit what people say and most of all looks at herself in the mirror and knows she’s beautiful, I’m learning slowly how to look beyond what society may see as beautiful and create, what I, Breana sees as beautiful. I am beautiful in my own way and while I don’t have the body I want - yet, I’m going to fall in love with the body I’ve been given. I’m learning how to find peace in who I am instead of who they say I should be.