may reads.

Hello and welcome to the month of May book reads! I read a lot this month and not all of them were great but these three stuck out the most. I'll see you in June for our next monthly reads!

Six Feet Under & Pieces of Eight - Whitney Barbetti


Six Feet Under is the first book in the mad love duet and it is breathtakingly amazing. In the prologue we meet Mira a 23yr old woman who struggles with mental illness and an affinity to drugs and alcohol to drown out the madness. You want to hate her and everything she stands for yet you find yourself slowly understanding and accepting everything she is. She beautiful in her madness and I found myself rooting for her in the end. 

Being in Mira’s head was kind of exhausting — in a fascinating way. I really felt for her character and sympathized with her plight. And I liked Six. However, I honestly still don’t think I know him. Even though he was the hero of this story, he kind of existed on the periphery. So I kind of had a hard time really falling for him. I also didn’t understand his silence and all his motives which frustrated me more often than Mira’s antics. I’m really hoping the next book delves a little deeper into his character. I think had I learned to connect more with him, this book would have been even better. The story was unputdownable though so it wasn't shocking I searched to make sure the second book was ready for me to consume. 

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"No one saves us but ourselves" 

Pieces of Eight picks up right where Six Feet Under leaves off and boy was I in for a rude awakening. If I thought my heart was breaking towards the end of the first book this book slowly put it back together. I felt like I finally began to truly understand who Mira was and why she was the way she was. I hurt for her and yet I cheered for her as she slowly started rebuilding all the broken pieces of herself. I couldn't help but root for the underdog because i understood her. While my mental health issues haven't led me down the path of alcohol and drug dependency i know how easy it is to get there. 

"He's been there through the dark. And instead of pulling me into the light, he'd held me in the dark, letting me choose the light for myself."

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My Time In The Affair - Stylo Fantome


"I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband."

I was a little nervous about starting this book. Cheating in books isn’t a complete deal breaker for me. I know it happens in real life, it’s messy, but sometimes it’s real. That being said, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a heroine who went out of her way to cheat on her husband. I mean, why not just leave? I’m not condoning anything our Mischa did, but I did understand her and relate to her much more than I thought was possible. 

Mischa is not happy. She married her best friend years ago, but she’s not in love with him anymore. She’s not sure if she ever was. After much deliberation, she decides to do it. To have one night with a stranger. It’s been so long since she’s been wanted, been desired. She needs that. 

My Time in the Affair is an engaging, entertaining, heartbreakingly beautiful tale of an imperfect woman who’s finding her way in life. It does have romance, some mystery and is an emotional read. Obviously, if you don’t like reading about cheating, this may not be the book for you. It’s so beautifully written and the story itself isn’t quite what you’d think. 

“Falling for you was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”

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