Growing up means watching buildings you grew up in being demolished in place of million dollar homes. But the really kicker is seeing them built on the low income side of town πŸ€”. Makes me realize in a way we're all touched by some form of gentrification. 


So, my long awaited (i hype myself up) Pros & Cons list on my current hairstyle - Faux Locs has arrived and I have so much tea to spill. I fell in love with this hair style after seeing Ciara and Eva Marcille rock it. I decided to get faux locs because it’s a protective hair style that can last up to 3 months and I enjoy saving my coins! Although I did not end up leaving my hair in that long, most do. Faux locs is gaining in popularity and if you are planning on getting them yourself, I am going to lay down the FIVE pros and cons and let you decide what’s best for you


I grab style inspiration from anywhere I can find it - work, grabbing coffee in the AM but especially from my coworker at my part time job Zara.