Right before thanksgiving I made a random run to Target with my sister so she could shop and I could  "look around". I mean, everyone goes to Target to look around and leaves the store broke with a cart full of shit they definitely didn't need. I hadn't planned on spending money because I really needed to save for an upcoming trip but hot dang when I saw this super cute jumpsuit on the clearance rack because it was too summery I knew it was meant to come home with me and that it did. I wore it here without long sleeves and bruh, it was way too cold so I picked up a long sleeve top and to go underneath to winterize it and I can't wait.


Did you catch that Saw reference? As I came up with the title for today's blog post it was a play on where the photos were taken - elevated tennis courts but I couldn't help but be transported into all those Saw movies and just see blood and guts while I sat on my couch screaming for my life. 


Truthfully, closure is a goddamn myth. It sounds great and easy but its painful and hard. Closure is something that is too good to be true. It’s too much of a happily ever after, for now. And honestly? It’s never going to happen. Because no matter what, love doesn’t just end. It doesn’t end after a conversation. It doesn't end after you sit at that table, drink your drinks and cry over what went wrong. 


“I want to be the kind of person who has a spark for life—who wants to grab what she can from the earth and really feel it in her fingertips. Who takes chances and opportunities. Who speaks her mind and lets her voice be heard. Who doesn’t give up, or hold back, but lives with such happiness in her heart that she doesn’t step on anyone else’s dreams on the way to reaching her own.”

— Marisa Donnelly