Contrary to my blog post title I definitely don't regret the overalls I recently purchased from Gap - they are amazing and form fitting and actually look good on my figure that is slowly slimming down thanks to my new workout life.

Now onto the regret side of this blog post: I was recently on twitter and aside from the typical political bullshit that we see and experience every single day I found something kind of awesome. It was a bunch of women and some bitter men tweeting about the things they have come to regret in their short lifetime and I started thinking about some of the things I regret: 

1. Not staying in PA that summer I turned 15 - I stayed behind for a boy and we broke up at the end of that summer. At that age that was my LC not going to Paris moment and it destroyed another relationship i valued in the process. we haven't been the same since. 

2. Not going away to college - this really doesn't need any explanation. 

3. Spending years hung up over what people thought of me -> my life got so much better when i said fuck it and started living for me. 

4. Not trying to keep certain people in my life -> i let people i considered family walk out of my life because of small missteps aka growing pains. i realize years later how unforgiving i was. 

That's all I got so far - what are yours?