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A few week ago after an mini meltdown from searching the internet and convincing myself I had about 3 obesity related diseases which my doctor confirmed I didn't have (goddamn internet) I knew it was time for me to hit the gym and figure out what the fuck I was doing and how to get in shape and change the way I saw myself. I can remember in high school when I was so confident and sure of myself, I knew I looked good. I was active, I played soccer with my sister, wore swimsuits without feeling like a beached whale and walked around like my shit didn't stink.

But over the years I went from an incredibly active job to sitting at a desk, dealing with depression and just doing harm to my body. I packed on the pounds, stopped being able to see my ankles and lost all motivation to move and became as unattractive as I felt. But, I'm down 3 inches and the weight will start melting off of me soon and I cannot fucking wait. 

So please appreciate my glow up so far because I'm just getting started! 

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