My favorite post has finally hit the interwebz! Over the weekend we ventured out to the mall after deciding we both needed new pairs of sneakers - more like I convinced myself I desperately needed a new pair of shoes because all of my other gym shoes just aren't comfortable enough for a full workout. I had been stalking the Flyknit Racer after seeing a version of it on Kanye West and once I start a deep dive into a product its hard for me to get my mind off of it. We ended up going to 4 sneaker stores and Foot Locker was the ONLY store to actually have them in stock without convincing me I could just order them online - nah, I need to leave the store with the item - i suck at waiting. I sat down and they told me they didn't have them in my size (womens 8) but I could try the mens 7.5 on for size - I pretty much gasped because I refuse to believe my feet are that big and low and behold they fit like a goddamn glove which leads me into the pros and cons of the racer: 


- comfortable AF 

- feels like you're apart of a sneaker cult

- perfect gym shoe 

- they go with EVERYTHING.


- expensive AF

- rarely in stock in stores 

- runs small and tight - i went up a full size. 

All in all the flyknit racers get a 5/5 from me. I'll definitely be wearing the shit out of them until the weather gets too cold and it doesn't make sense for me to have them on.