clearance rack finds.


$14.97 - that's how much my outfit cost. 

Right before thanksgiving I made a random run to Target with my sister so she could shop and I could  "look around". I mean, everyone goes to Target to look around and leaves the store broke with a cart full of shit they definitely didn't need. I hadn't planned on spending money because I really needed to save for an upcoming trip but hot dang when I saw this super cute jumpsuit on the clearance rack because it was too summery I knew it was meant to come home with me and that it did. I wore it here without long sleeves and bruh, it was way too cold so I picked up a long sleeve top and to go underneath to winterize it and I can't wait.


In other news, I had hinted at completely redoing my website and let's just say that went horribly wrong. I realized that I'm not the greatest at coding/Photoshop or anything of that nature so I will definitely need more help on that end - so bare with my grade school layout until I can I figure out what to do next!