I was curious yesterday and went on one of my deep dives in the twitter sphere because I needed to understand a topic thats debated about on twitter ALL THE TIME - c l o s u r e. 

Do we need closure in order for us to move on? Do we need to sit down like #hurtbae and hash out all of our differences so that we can get up from the table and finally start fresh with someone new? 

its a topic that is so real and often times very painful for people. You can almost feel the hurt and desperation in some of these tweets, where men and women are searching for answers they were never given. Looking back on my own personal situations I realized something interesting.. we end relationships, friendships, situationships and balk at the idea of closure - we'd rather run away then have to sit down and deal with whatever comes from the tough conversations. I for one have always hated confrontation especially if it was with someone I love/d. In a selfish way I am all about self preservation. I do not walk into a situation or sit down where I have to admit my wrongs so I run. FAST. 

Truthfully, closure is a goddamn myth. It sounds great and easy but its painful and hard. Closure is something that is too good to be true. It’s too much of a happily ever after, for now. And honestly? It’s never going to happen. Because no matter what, love doesn’t just end. It doesn’t end after a conversation. It doesn't end after you sit at that table, drink your drinks and cry over what went wrong. 

 Love mattered and closure doesn’t make it not matter.

But for me, closure is nothing but a stage going black right before we come back out and take our final bow. It’s still messy. Hearts still hurt. Wounds are still deep. Sometimes the damage will be too far gone. And sometimes it will be irreversible. 

Closure just puts a band aid on a bullet wound. The hurt always comes back in. The loss of a relationship - whether it was good or bad, always comes back. The feelings remain, maybe beneath the surface or maybe even in front of your face, but regardless they will linger. 

Closure isn't real. If that love truly mattered - closure doesn't make it go away. 

What are your thoughts? 


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