lets play a game.


Did you catch that Saw reference? As I came up with the title for today's blog post it was a play on where the photos were taken - elevated tennis courts but I couldn't help but be transported into all those Saw movies and just see blood and guts while I sat on my couch screaming for my life. 

I am gearing up for some exciting life changes happening in the next couple of weeks as well as a complete overhaul of dearyoufrombre. I have been researching and learning how to code as well as reaching out to web designers who have given me valuable input on a site that makes the most sense for my brand and I'm excited I will begin implementing the new design after thanksgiving! I seriously cannot wait for it to come to life and hopefully everything I have been planning out and envisioning in my head will be the product I introduce. *fingers crossed* so with that being said I'll be active over on Instagram (follow me) and updating here and there on the blog until all the changes are in place! 

chat soon.