The last couple of weeks have been mentally and emotionally draining. I have been LOST in all aspects of my life but specifically the creative side of myself. I went so far as to completely gut my Instagram account and start from scratch. I am seriously struggling with getting out of my head and just going with the flow. I find myself struggling to remember what I'm passionate about and why. Why did I first start writing? Why did I start documenting my outfits? Why did I start a blog? I haven't even begun to scratch the surface enough to answer any of these questions but I'll leave you with a little quote that's been getting me through my creative blocks: 

I want to be the kind of person who has a spark for life—who wants to grab what she can from the earth and really feel it in her fingertips. Who takes chances and opportunities. Who speaks her mind and lets her voice be heard. Who doesn’t give up, or hold back, but lives with such happiness in her heart that she doesn’t step on anyone else’s dreams on the way to reaching her own.
— Marisa Donnelly