why is it such a struggle to come up with a title for a blogpost? seriously, i wish i was one of those people who could come up with a fuck awesome title at the drop of hat but at least i can come up with cool outfits and take photos so theres 2/3 which ain't all that bad.

as always, I've been gravitating towards black/white/grey outfits i always feel like i need to add a pop of color to make it work and BOOM! thats where this dragonfruit colored Rebecca Minkoff purse comes in. 

just a couple more sleeps before Christmas and i am already looking forward to it ending..btw I'm not a scrooge i just get upset how easy it is to fall in the Christmas rabbit hole aka buying a shit ton of gifts instead of focusing on the main objective which is to spend quality time with family and just soak it all in. 

thats all i got friends, ill come at you with a new post in 2018!