When I showed my husband these photos he said the first one looked like I was a part of some 90s R&B group that never made it very far and if we're all being honest it totally does! These photos were awesome to take because I got to link up with my oldest niece (I have 3 of them now) to shoot since she wasn't too busy for her favorite aunt! I have this weird fascination with taking photos on the top level of a deserted parking garage because I'm not nervous about people seeing me strike a pose (unless you watch security footage) and it just feels easier to get the shots done in less than 30 minutes with less distraction. Annnd it close to my favorite ice cream shop so I rewarded myself with a vanilla & rainbow sprinkles milkshake! 

Happy hump day friends! I'm working all day then heading out for some dinner and drinks with my coworkers! 

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