Target is where you go to die. No seriously, target is where you go to empty your wallet because holy shit you go in there for 1 item and you leave with 7. Like my last trip I went to grab some cold brew and mouthwash and walked out with this super cute boho dress and it was glorious! I mean isn't this outfit amaze -- especially paired with the western styled boots?! After these photos were taken this dress desperately needed a wash and when I put it through the wash it needed to go on to heaven because the dress no longer fits a woman my size. I love target but the downside with their clothes is you can't wash them like normal and if you dare to do it you'll most likely be eating the money you spent because its dunzo. 

I am back in the office after a week off and I am still not mentally here. Here's to hoping the rest of the week goes by fast!