I am a sucker for all things denim on denim. Most fashion bloggers would follow up with rules you're supposed to follow if you decide to take part in the trend but lets be honest, I'm not that fashion bloggers. I'm all about wearing whatever you want, however you want and saying screw the haters/people who don't like it or understand it. I paired the outfit with my FAVORITE sneakers ever - my Adidas NMD that I got while in London and I wish I could wear them everyday that's how comfortable they are I just wish they weren't so freaking expensive - dang near $130 for a pair of sneakers sounds rough but they have been totally worth it. I like that I can wrap the longer laces around my ankles to give it a different feel than your normal sport sneak and finally my BEST pair of ripped up denim jeans. I purchased these almost 3 years ago for dirt cheap at American Eagle and I have zero regrets even though I've basically worn them to death and the holes keep getting bigger I still try to wear them at least once a week. 


Breana Newton