I have always been drawn to doing things that take people by complete surprise. Whether it was piercing my lip senior year of high school after people told me it would take away from my beauty (it didn't.) or getting my moms name tattooed on me after graduation and my then boss telling me it looked like a gang tat (it didn't.) it was a no brainer that once I connected with the hairstylist of my dreams after seeing how fearless she was with the hair colors she picked I knew she was the right person to transition me into the world of C O L O R. We started slowly at first (seen here) and then kept adding more green and some hints of blue that I finally woke up one day and said, "fuck it, lets do it all." and well we did it all. 

There is a freedom in coloring your hair such a vibrant color that you don't see often, it almost forces you to walk with confidence, especially if you want to pull it off. I will say I have had some awesome reactions to the color of my hair - shocked, dismayed and downright nasty but meh, I don't give a shit. I am me and I will always dare to be different! I mean in a couple of months I could have a completely different hair color going on! 

PS - How do you like the new site design? I'm still working out the kinks but I am pleased with the layout so far!

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