*Firstly, THANK YOU to everyone who stopped over to check out my incredibly personal post about my mental health and my current battle with depression. The feedback I have received has been nothing short of amazing and it genuinely has put me in such a great head space. So, thank you!*

Now onto the style post! I have this thing with linen anything. It is hands down the most breathable and fantastic fabric in all the world unless its white and then its see through - don't @ me on this, its a fact. This summer I'm challenging myself to try a couple of different styles so I can slowly get out of my habit of ONLY wearing jeans and then complaining about being hot.  So with that being said, linen is currently sitting very high at the top of my list for breathable summer wear and its perfect for BOTH of my jobs so getting my cost per wear is happening times two. I just order a linen jumpsuit that I'm hoping fits me like a dream and I can add that to my closet for the when the temperatures really breaks and walking outside is an instant sweat box. 

It's finally Friday and I am so excited to just chill out this long weekend and do nothing but veg out on the couch watching Netflix AND maybe getting into the pool if the weather cooperates. 

Woo MDW is finally upon us, have a safe weekend friends. 

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