I busted out the high waisted shorts for the second time and I am loving this whole new me who is embracing her curves while also looking stylish and put together. I am leaning towards more feminine and stepping well outside my comfort zone with some the pieces I've been snagging as of late - i mean, I found myself searching for tropical print kimonos because I thought that could bring a different vibe to some of my outfits (i vetoed the idea at checkout). This outfit came together because I couldn't decide whether I wanted to wear shorts or a dress and just say fuck it and wore both but thankfully the outfit kinda made sense especially with the fun star print Supergas I got last year on Amazon for an insanely cheap price ($32). It's FINALLY friday and its feels like I've been waiting for the weekend for two whole weeks now I just wish the weather was 10x times better so I could throw on my suit and relax by the pool with my best friend but maybe next weekend will be better! 

Chat soon - B.