I love me a good vintage t-shirt - especially with a band I actually listen to. Am I the only one that sees people wearing vintage band tees and immediately wants to ask, "whats your favorite song"..or is that just my inner asshole. Anyways, I feel like this outfit is made up of pieces I am obsessed with at the moment - wide leg linen pants, prime knit adidas, my go to Quay sunnies and my staple denim jacket. It was getting hotter than hell so I tied my shirt right above my navel and was pleasantly surprised at how skinny I looked. 

Ugh, its Monday again which means my work week is starting all over again and I have to go back to BOTH jobs - ahhhh! But July 4th is coming up and my family will be in town so I finally have some super fun plans this coming weekend. 

Over & out.