First things first - how freaking cute are these slides?! All seriousness, they are creepy as hell at night because they catch you super off guard and you think theres something weird on your bedroom floor so you scream in terror and then realize you actually wear these for fashion purposes (happens often) 

Now onto the outfit. I purchased these pants from work (south moon under) right before we were scheduled to put on a fashion show for the Mike McGreevy foundation and they are hands down the greatest pants I have purchased - they are slowly and a cropped wide leg and are perfect for those 97 degree days (today) where you have to be presentable for the office but it too hot to care. I have literally worn them 4 times in the span of 2 weeks and I'm not ashamed at all! I feel like this outfit is very pastel heavy so the white wall as a background makes sense -- I'm leaning towards using more blank white space as my backgrounds lately to get my outfits to pop more! 

Chat later

x, B.

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