This content was provided to you by Temple Run. Not really, I used the title because I am in back of the old temple I used to frequent once I turned 21 and enjoyed doing hood rat shit with my frans. As I've grown up, graduated college and gotten married I find I'm more nostalgic than normal. I pass places I used to frequent with friends and I can hear the late night laughs, awkward jokes or just a genuinely good memory and stop for a moment to reminisce.

These photos were taken at one of those places that I'll always hold close to me. The Temple - the place I had my first drink, the meeting place before we headed to the bars in town, the best bar to go to if all you have is 10 dollars and you know the bartender will be heavy on the pour - especially if one of your friends happens to be the bartender - heyyy Bran!

These days the temple is now being converted into apartments so it will eventually be demolished and the neighborhood meeting spot will be forgotten but until then i still walk past and just remember how carefree life was back then. When momma still paid the bills and working the bare minimum still left me enough to have the time of my life. I hope my future kids have a space like this - where their loudness is to be celebrated, their drinks are over flowing, and when its time to throw my 50th birthday party its the party of a lifetime.

While the building will be gone soon, the memories will always be here.