I am finally home and back on my normal schedule after a very interesting weekend catching up with family I haven't seen in years and handling some family issues. Have you ever noticed that while the planning is easy and almost enjoyable the getting there and executing everything you had planned on is the hard part? I had all these grand plans I wanted to do this weekend and ended up doing 1 thing - going to the beach. To be honest, I am horrible at planning and looking into things to do wherever we go for vacation - whether its abroad or stateside and it pisses Christopher off to no end. It's one of the negative qualities about myself I need to work on and hopefully I can get better at it before Chrissy stops wanting to go on vacation with me - Portland, OR in September so I should start planning now!

Anyways, lets discuss this easy, breezy dress I'm currently wearing - I snagged it on SUPER sale at my local Free People and hot damn I love it! Its a dress but its a tad see through so I have to wear some hot pants underneath so people don't get an eyeful of the booty but basically I'll be living in this baby all summer '17 and I might find a cool way to make it look good for fall - leather jacket, booties and a deep colored bag? We shall see. 

Happy Monday Friends!  

Chat later,