Seriously, I am a sucker for all things overall related and if I can find them on super duper sale you better believe I am snagging them. These are extra big because I'm an idiot and purchased them in an XL and got too lazy to return them at Gap so I just stuck it out and hoped for the best. I have been obsessively stalking items for my fall wardrobe and I'm debating if I want to invest and try to grab some overalls from Danielle Bernstein clothing line but we shall see - I have a very hard time committing to clothing thats more than $100 regardless of the quality. The temps have finally dropped a bit so it doesn't feel like I'm dying the moment I step out of my house thank the lord but this dip in humidity gets me excited for fall and its playing with my mind! 

Happy hump day friends, may the force be with you!

- B.