Virginia was for lovers and I took my lover for a quick weekend trip to take part in our family reunion which was..interesting. While it was great to see and hang with family I dropped the ball on really doing anything that I had put on my list of things to do so if we ever drive the 6 hours to VA again I'll definitely bring my list and start knocking things off as we go. On Saturday night we had a family dinner and dance situation so I unpacked this beautiful dress and put it on and drank the night away! I have already started planning for a way to wear this baby in the fall with a turtleneck possibly and some bad ass biker boots with my trust leather jacket - I just need to find a way to tie the bottom so you can see the boots and the outfit comes together the way I need it to. 

Happy Friday friends - I hope your weekend plans are awseome! We're seeing Girls Trip and I am soo freakng excited to eat popcorn and laugh my booty off.