So, my long awaited (i hype myself up) Pros & Cons list on my current hairstyle - Faux Locs has arrived and I have so much tea to spill. I fell in love with this hair style after seeing Ciara and Eva Marcille rock it. I decided to get faux locs because it’s a protective hair style that can last up to 3 months and I enjoy saving my coins! Although I did not end up leaving my hair in that long, most do. Faux locs is gaining in popularity and if you are planning on getting them yourself, I am going to lay down the FIVE pros and cons and let you decide what’s best for you.


1. Reinventing yourself with a hairstyle - I tell Chrissy all the time that the fun part of changing my look is we don't have to see other people - I can just become one. 

2. No heat - This hairstyle allows you to keep your hair away from heat and chemical damage. What a great way to protect your hair!!! So having faux locs, all of my hair is protected, which I love!

3. Long Lasting: Lasting up to three months, the faux locs allows your natural hair to grow, so faux locs is the way to go…… lol SERIOUSLY the best part about having faux locs is when they start to look frizzy and old, you do not have to remove them. THAT IS THE DESIRED LOOK - I mean, have y'all seen CIARA, RIHANNA, MEGAN GOOD, EVA MARCILLE - basically my style icons when I decided to hop on the bandwagon.

4. Fake it till you make it: I know that women and men who grow their real hair into dreads its a very long process. And I even get why some would be bothered by the fake loc trend. I think its a fun trend people should be allowed to try, they get to try dreads on for size and see if its something they can commit too. Like after 2 weeks I've realized having real locs is not a lifestyle choice for me. It's fun for right now but I know I'm looking forward to taking them out soon. 

5. Trendy AF: With the popularity faux locs has gained, it a hairstyle that is very stylish and fashionable, the locs will definitely give you a new look and make you feel like your stepping out of the box.


1. Time - I hadn't properly done my research when I started looking into getting faux locs. I figured it would be maybe 4 hours and then I'd be off to whip my hair back and forth. NAH. It took 8 very long hours of sitting on my ass having my hair braided, wrapped, burnt and then styled. 

2. Weight - We used 7/8 bags of hair total to complete the look and as someone who hasn't put weave in my hair since I was 8 years old the added weight has been way too much for my neck and back to handle. 

3. Lack of sleep - I'm starting to sound like a scratchy broken record but the lack of sleep/comfortable sleeping position has been nagging me since I put the faux locs into my hair. I thought I would eventually get used to it but I have yet to do so and its grating on my nerves. 

4. Sticking together: UGH! I have to constantly use my fingers to separate the locs from each other. After a few weeks your locs should not stick together as much and they'll because easier to maneuver and put into different hairstyles as well as begin to frizz up and look more realistic. 

5. Hair Damage/bad reactions: You have to be careful with this type of hairstyle only because to much tension can thin your hair or even take your hair out. Also you have to keep in mind the amount of packs of hair you use (we used roughly 8). If you already have damaged hair and thin edges then this hairstyle might not be for you. Also the hair used for this hairstyle is extremely dry, so therefore you have to keep your scalp moisturized - I'm learning that the hard way as I have an incredibly dry, patchy scalp that it'll be hard to keep my locs in past the 1 month mark. I am also experiencing a VERY patchy/itchy scalp as well as a rash on the back of my neck from the hair itself so that is a huge negative for me but definitely a learning experience. 


Would I recommend to a friend: Yes. I find that the hairstyle itself has been incredibly beautiful and freeing in terms of how quickly I can get up and go in the morning but I will not be partaking in this trend again as I have realized this style is too much for me. I will warn people that it takes 8-10 hours depending on how big/small you go and the amount of hair you use - so keep that in mind if you decide you want to test out the hairstyle. 

Hope these pros and cons are helpful in some way! 


Mini Update: My scalp is now bleeding and incredibly tender. I will be taking these out and getting my hair deep conditioned. 

PS - This is not a slight against the woman who did them - she's phenomenal. But its a learning experience that my scalp cannot handle the weight of weave.