A couple week ago right after I got my hair done I begged my mom to snap some pictures for me at the local nature preserve because, 

1. i looked hot as shit 

2. my hair game was hella strong 

3. because duh. i always need photos for this thing called a blog. 

and well it was definitely SO hot out there and I was positively roasting in my full blog worthy outfit that I ended up wearing to work later on that night. I'm so glad I have all of these pictures waiting to be edited of my faux locs because I took them out over the weekend after having a really gnarly reaction to the hair used - but at least I got 2 weeks out of them and some memorable photos. 

I'm having a serious case of the mondays and cannot wait until the weekend because I'll be relaxing in Virginia at our family reunion with Chrissy and all of my exnteded family - I cant wait for laughs, drinks and just geunine fun around people who look like me. 

Jeans - Gap | Shirt - Gap | Sunglasses - Quay | Shoes - J Slides