I am still a sucker for the 90s even though I didn't understand the fashion choices until later on in life. I mean, I was decked out in OshKoshBagosh and had missing front teeth for most of them but I feel like every time Clueless - I am totally Ty/Tai in all her oversized tomboy vibes, definitely going to do a whole outfit post dedicated to her at some point -  comes on I am amped to go into my closet to grab a cute floral thin strapped dress and layer it with a trust white tee shirt - B O O M - instant 90s outfit done.

The days are finally get cooler which means the season is changing, thank the lord! I'm so excited to unpack our storage bins of fall clothes and start reorganizing my closet and figuring out exactly what my fall wardrobe is missing and putting together my fall clothing rack (post soon). I've already started gathering clothing inspiration via pinterest to put together my Fall 2017 mood board which i'll show in my instagram stories when complete. I don't know if I plan on sticking to any trends this year or just winging it in life like normal. Alright i'll stop rambling and get ready to head out the door for work. 

Happy hump day friends!