When I saw this old car shop just sitting here falling a part it made sense to take photos in front of it. It was the perfect backdrop that spoke to me and the way I had been feeling. As I said in one of my mental health posts I had given in my two weeks notice and left my part time job and while it was scary and kind of weird in the moment I realize now it was a blessing in disguise. I loved the people I worked with but I started losing myself - I became harder, colder and felt less and less like me the more I went in and had to force myself open to make customers want to buy items from us to make numbers. I realized that I no longer loved it there but I also no longer loved who I was while I was there. I felt rundown and in a way I felt empty, so empty I started buying items I didn't need, spending money I shouldn't have to make myself feel better about the turmoil I was experiencing. The good side is I was finally able to relax all weekend long and just be present - I watched Power reruns with Chris, I experienced laughter and just genuine feel good moments at our family cookout and best of all I wasn't dreading the work week because I no longer had two jobs I had to prepare my body for. This is such a fun time for me now because I get to focus 100% on my creative side, where I produce new content and flesh out all the ideas I didn't have time for but most of all have fun again! I am so excited to see what happens next - stay tuned because you definitely don't want to miss it.