As you can see by the title of the post I'm going to be rambling on and on about minimalism/minimalist living. I am a collector of stuff - clothes, shoes, bags, accessories - basically anything and everything I don't need or wear it currently making a home in my closet. I have always been drawn to the idea of living with less but I've always been too scared to take the leap. Of course, after seeing my debit/credit card statements I realize I seriously need to make a change. I've always had a problem with shopping too much but in the last few years its gotten very much out of hand and incredibly unnecessary. I've purchased things no one in their right mind should own - 3 of the same shirts, 5 different style white tees - some I've pretended I needed as "backup" but in reality its just material possessions taking up space in a closet I grab the same 10 things out of. Summer is ending (thank god) and with that ending it begins a new season with fresh new opportunities and that means its time for me to pack up the items I've been holding onto and pass them onto better home and people who will actually appreciate them.

Once I decided that I was transitioning into the minimalist lifestyle I immediately started scouring the internet and Youtube searching 'minimalist bloggers' who can offer me some insight on how and where to begin. Which brings me to my favorite vlogger/blogger The Anna Edit. I have been watching her youtube since the beginning and following her on her journey and I enjoy her content centered around fashion that she was my inspiration when it was time to start going through my mountains of clothing. 

I'm beginning the first stage of this process which is going through my closest/drawers and storage to figure out exactly what I wear and need and whats just taking up space and to be honest I'm really excited and ready to stop spending and save some money! We'll see what my fall rack looks like at the end of the month! 

Chat soon,