Fashion month is upon us and for the first time ever I decided to jump off the couch and join in on the madness for just a couple of hours. I am an introvert by nature - I hate large crowds, get  overwhelmed very easily in large settings and seeing street style photographers snapping pics of your outfit causes me to blush profusely and close in on myself.  I originally cancelled the trip to do 3 days at NYFW because of situations outside of my control but decided to wing it and go for at least a day - thank god Zara let me come along with her or else I would've been winging it solo. We started this trip off normally - we hopped on the train loaded with all things electronic and fully charged and once we made it to NY Penn Station we headed over to Skylight where most of the shows were happening & where we were scheduled to meet a couple of the photographers Z had set up for herself that she graciously allowed me to be a part of - it was an awesome experience to be surrounded by the madness that is NYC and to just stop and take it all in. I gained such a strong appreciation for the outfits these women and men put together, the mix of prints and colors and just general badassness that made you stop and stare as the street style photographers are drooling over these outfits trying to get the perfect shot. 

While it was an enjoyable experience to be in the thick of the madness that is NYFW I don't know if I'd do it again. I do believe if you plan on doing fashion week you have to go with someone you enjoy spending time with, a friend who will pick you up when you're feeling down on yourself or just someone who will keep the moral up as you walk your hundredth block and get pushed for walking to slow. I only spent a few hours but I walked away with a lot of thoughts about what I would keep the same and what I would do differently. 


Dark Side

I'm a fan of black - it was no surprise I chose to wear the most comfortable and black outfit possible - although next year I'm bringing my A game!


Casual favorite blogger moment.

Ran into Brittany Xavier from Thrifts & Threads and just about died because she's JUST as nice in person as she seems online. #favoriteblogger

 Camila Cabello! 

Camila Cabello!