all day i dream about.

When I was younger my friends and I used to rock ADIDAS superstars and think we were hot shit - i mean i had a crisp all white pair i barely laced up and let drag off my feet so you could hear me passing your classroom because like i said, i was under the impression i was hot shit (i wasn't). We were such sex crazed teenagers we would tell whoever would listen to us that ADIDAS stood for 'all day i dream about sex' because at 15/16 our minds were on the cute hockey boys we didn't stand a chance with - i still have a soft spot for hockey players. anyways, now that i'm 27 and still living in Adidas (i have 4 pair) I have decided that Adidas now stands for 'all day i dream about success' because as I've gotten older i have been desperately chasing after that elusive feeling of "making it" and on occasion failing miserably but I've come to the conclusion that the only way to make it in this life is to fail - often. we learn from our failures and they make our successes that much sweeter. i am by no means a success (yet) but I've found myself being totally okay with failing because i know that while i have crashed and burned, that crash is setting me up for something better and each teaching me a lesson in the long run. 

success comes to those who work hard and i don't plan on slowing down! 

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