amor vincit omnia.


The January slump was R E A L and damn near took me out but I have never been more excited to step into a different creative space and start grabbing some opportunities by the balls and killing it! 

lets start this discussion off with a cute little latin saying i have tattooed on my back - and if we're being honest i forget i have it most of the time...until i take pictures while wearing a low cut sweater. 

amor vincit omnia - love conquers all.

i remember being freshly 18 and tattooing any and everything on my body because i finally had the freedom to do so without a permission slip from mom. i had zero idea whether or not love truly conquered all. all i knew was i had survived 4 years of latin in high school and felt like i had a right to tattoo those hard earned words on my back. 10 years later (wow i'm really dating myself here) i take a look at that tattoo and snicker to myself because i had zero clue what love ever meant in high school and most days i'm still trying to figure it out but i feel like we're all hoping to find someone to love every part of us - even the pieces we hate. hoping that one day someone may love us enough that, that love with conquer all.

so while my 18 year old self had zero idea what the hell love conquered, my 27 year old self is figuring it out one day at a time. only time will tell. 



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