create, even if it sucks.


The last couple of weeks have been on the tougher side - my MacBook broke, the rain has stopped me from shooting and honestly I've been feeling so out of wack in regards to my creativity that I haven't felt like doing anything blogging related - it just reminds me how much goes into blogging, its not just the photos; its the adding your own flare to the photos, creating outfits that are fun but still staying true to yourself, reaching out and creating opportunities with brands/influencers and finally adding words to those blogposts that capture your current thought process. 

With all that being said, there are days I get so stuck inside my head I wonder how I make it out. days where being creative feels like a burden. where sitting down in front of a camera instead of behind it hurts more than heals. yet the moment I sit behind my screen and edit I feel free. I have found that through countless hours of writing, editing and letting myself feel I realized the beauty in creating everyday - even if it sucsk. 

so create - even if it sucks. create - even if people arent super receptive to it.

create - even if you don't love the finished product. create - even if the words struggle to come out. 

just create and never stop.