coffee break.


I have rediscovered sitting in coffee shops and imagining a life where all of my petty bullshit doesn't make me feel like I'm drowning. I have once again fallen in love with snagging that corner booth right next to the window so that on the sunny days I can people watch and imagine what their lives consist of once they get in their cars and drive home - is the house so empty the quietness feels suffocating, is there a mess on the floor from the little humans they've created, are they lonely because the person they love has left? Coffee shops are a place for me to get away from my own world and create a new one to insert myself into. A life where the expectations that are put on me don't drown me under their weight, where the loneliness i feel when i step inside my own home doesn't eat me alive. Where my relationships don't feel like a constant state of limbo, and especially where my need for stability doesn't always have me feeling incredibly unstable. Coffee shops are my little slice of freedom, a place where I can put my life on pause and get lost in someone else's, where I can fall in love with someone else's love story and where I can imagine a different story I would like to live - at least for a little while. 

Breana Newton1 Comment