screw your unreal beauty standards.


Nothing grinds my gears more than when someone places judgement on me before I even fix my lips to speak. I am a 27 year old woman covered in tattoos and piercings who works in a professional office and manages to get the job done while trying to avoid the older generation stereotyping me because of what I look like. I have always been a proponent of being able to express yourself using any method necessary - tattoos? cool. piercings? cool. dyed hair? cool. shit, if you wanna cut off your own leg and rock a wood stump life a pirate - cool [blame SVU for that example]. when did we start dictating to people we don't know what they and cannot look like? i have always been so self conscious over what i look like, sound like and portray when someone first meets me. but as i've gotten old my 'i don't give a fuck' attitude has shined through. i've grown as a person - i've become less restricted on what i think about myself, i care less what people stop and say to me. i embrace everything that's different about me because it makes me exactly who i'm supposed to be. 

we currently live in a society where every girl strives to be the next Instagram model, youtube bae or a beautiful as Beyonce. While those are great aspirations I feel like young girls specifically forget what its like to strive to be themselves - you don't have to have the tightest ass, banging body or even the whitest teeth - you are beautiful exactly the way you are. I used to struggle with this feeling of worthlessness, in my eyes I was never quite good enough to measure up to the people I put above me - I was never going to be the next big Instagram star, my voice is too annoying to be a youtuber and I definitely can't sing, dance or take photos as well as Beyonce and thats ok

We have to learn how to be ok with being ourselves, learn how to be content in our skin and stop trying to take someone elses off and wear it - we are doing ourselves a disservice because we were created to be the very best version of ourselves and by constantly striving to be someone else we're forgetting about who we are when the cameras turn off and the social media apps are closed. 

some days we have to take a step back and remind ourselves who we started all this for.