I think the scariest thing that has happened to me since childhood is my complacency. I stopped yearning to go outside and explore what my town/city/state had to offer and found it easier to live vicariously through other people via the internet. When did sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix and booting up my kindle take precedent over the fresh air and exploring? Lately I have felt this big shift in the way I see things - I want more. I need more. I need to see the world and actively experience it, I'm tired of waiting on the sidelines of my life thinking things are going to just come to me. I have so many major plans and ideas I want to put into effect this summer starting next month - i have places I want to visit and people i want to see. I am heading to Jamaica in August with all of my cousins and I can't wait to see how crazy us girls get. I literally cannot wait to be sitting on the beach in a thong bikini taking thotty pictures to sent to bubs and post as a thirst trap on Instagram because ya girl is werrrkin on her body and its about to be lit for summer! 

What are your plans for summer?