re-evaluating life after a meeting with my therapist.


First things first, I cannot recommend therapy enough, it has literally changed my outlook on life. This post is going to be all about what I learned in my 60 minutes session with my therapist; I sat down with my therapist last night and we discussed building relationships with solid foundations and of course after 60 minutes she has me quite literally evaluating the relationships i currently have. First thing you should know about me, I have always been that person who wanted a lot of friendships so that it somehow cured my intense sense of loneliness -i never cared about quality because i was always so focused on quantity and that's probably why a majority of the "friendships" i made in the past have since fizzled out. I realized that I work so hard at appearing like i have these great relationships i never allow myself to actually build them, i don't put myself out there because of whatever reason (we haven't gotten that far yet) and then when they fizzle i take it to heart because i assume there's something defective in me - there isn't. 

Leaving her office last night i realized i needed to take a long look at myself and the people around me and decide whether or not we were adding anything to each others lives, while its hard to end relationships sometimes its for the better - sometimes we need to reevaluate our place in someone else's life or vice versa to truly understand and grow into who we're meant to be. i don't mean to sound callous/cold/unfeeling but i've been spending so much time with myself lately i'm learning how to rely on Bre a little more, i am growing into the woman i have always wanted to be and i am becoming someone who is worth a front row seat in someones life not the balcony. 

60 minutes later i understood the most important relationship you have to solidify is the one with yourself - the rest comes after.

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