feeling free on top of the world. [issa life update]



It's been a VERY long time since I have updated the 'fashion' tab on the blog so it seemed like the right time to do so. Let me break it down and give y'all a life update! 

STYLE - I am currently working on my 'must have' list of things to purchase for spring/summer. All I know for sure is that I don't want to wear pants/slacks/denim this summer if I can help it which means I need to invest in more dresses and skirts. Not 100% on shorts train but we'll see how I look after my 6 week bootcamp challenge. 

MENTAL HEALTH - my depression and anxiety have been on the up and up lately. I am finding ways to manage it and I took the plunge and began investing money and time into finding a therapist that works wonders for me as well as offers ways to manage the darkness when it sneaks up on me. 

LIFE - life has been a mixed bag lately but I'm falling more and more in love with myself everyday I spent alone - crazy that I can recognize how much I hated myself this time last year and yet, I am waking up every morning reminding myself how great I am - game changer.  (I'll dive deeper in a mental health post)

TRAVEL - Girrrrrl I started my payment plan for the cousins trip to Jamaica in august and I am sooo fucking pumped to have my butt out in a thong relaxing on someones beach with a drink and some jerk chicken in hand! I already have all these ideas of what I want to do - jumping off cliffs, photo shoots of me laying out on the beach and using drake lyrics as captions, getting RIPPED with my cousins and creating bomb ass memories. literally counting down the months until its go time.


ps - I have challenged myself this month to *try* and post 2-3x a week - hold me to it!