why my most important relationship is with myself.

2018 has been an uncomfortable year filled with tears, anger and a lot of growth - growth I am now thankful for, its crazy how uncomfortable 2018 has been and we're only 3 months in. I have learned the most valuable relationship I have is the one I am building with myself. It's not an easy relationship and honestly I strongly dislike myself most days but I'm learning and growing through this uncomfortable period. On my good days I can get out of bed and LOVE the person who looks back at me in the mirror, but on my worst days I hate her, she's everything I don't like about myself but I'm thankful that the tides are beginning to turn.  I read somewhere,

"be comforted by change, not terrified of it. Change is scary and it will make you uncomfortable and it’s okay and normal for you to feel that way. But be comforted by the fact that it means your life is moving and expanding and growing, instead of plateauing. Plateauing is not terrifying in the typical sense, but the experience of never feeling challenged and never going anywhere is scary in its own way."

I am accepting change in every direction it comes. I am learning how to be my own person and that's terrifying yet liberating in its own way. I am relying less on the people in my life and more on myself because I never needed a knight, I just needed the sword.