mini dress szn.

I made a promise to myself that this summer I am giving up wearing pants - I am completely committing to skirts and dresses (shorts ride up my ass too much so issa nah for me dawg.) So with that being said I placed an order on ASOS for some cool and fun pieces and this Monki dress was the only dress that fit comfortably AND bonus points for matching my current hairstyle =)!  over the weekend it was 87 degrees and hot 🔥 so i knew this dress paired with my white vans was the best outfit to beat the heat and man am i glad i wore it because it was hot as hell until around 5pm when the temp dropped almost 20 degrees!

Candidly speaking mini dresses have always been a hit or miss for me, I've never felt truly comfortable wearing them because of how big my thighs are and the amount of cellulite on them but after baring my body in all its glory for the 'gram i realize i have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and i deserve to love my body in its entirety. so this summer yall are gonna get this girls big ass thighs. dimples, cellulite and all and i no longer care what people think or say about them! 

happy wet,rainy and a tad chilly Monday!