sunday afternoon thoughts.

The last few weeks I have been going through so many ups and downs I'm in desperate need of a chill session but throughout the entire trial and error period I realized how much you have to walk in faith and trust that god has you. So I wanted to start the weekend off with a bang and publish a blogpost on a Sunday and its not just an outfit and boom! I'm done. nah, I wanted to put all of my Sunday thoughts together in once place and just write until I've purged my mind and started thinking a little bit clearer. 


1. Therapy is life changing: 

A friend of mine recently wrote a long facebook status about people only trusting in god to get them through the struggles and while she has every right to voice her opinion I don't completely agree with that statement. Over the last year or so I have become more connected with my faith and putting trust into God but I'm also not stupid enough to believe that only god will get me through my trials. I have to count on my faith and the professionals because I refuse to let myself fall back into the darkness I worked so hard to claw my way out of. There is nothing wrong with believing god will get you through something but there is also nothing wrong with realizing that god doesn't get you through all of them - sometimes you have to put a little more faith in the professionals to help you with healthy coping skills and a shoulder to lean on so you can unload without internalizing it forever.


2. Currently reading & the new blog category

As of 3 hours ago I picked up two new books to devour this month which has me SO excited! 

- Emma in the night : Wendy Walker

- The assistants : Camille Perri

With that being said, I have decided to launch a new blog category dedicated solely to books! It makes the most sense because I can easily read 5-7 books a month if I hunker down and really get into it. So now I'll have a place to deposit every book I read along with a short review! 


3. long distance marriage is a joke 

I am currently going through a period of prolonged absence from my spouse - we've hit the 6 month mark and honestly its bullshit. I'm always curious how people do it because I'm strugglingly with understanding why or how anyone truly signs up for this sort of life. Eventually I'll figure out how to master is but I'm not there yet. 

outfit details:

dolce vita sandals | urban outfitters pants | free people top | gap denim jacket