i'll take motivation for $100 alex.


for the past week I have experienced the worst creative rut of my life - the pictures don't come out how I want them, my words don't flow and my engagement on my social media platforms is plummeting. usually I would beat myself up over it and put out a bunch of bullshit content hoping to find a spark of something and feel that itch to create - I haven't and honestly I don't want to force it. if it isn't there, it isn't there and whoever actually reads these posts will be able to tell if my heart isn't in it. blogging is hard, posting consistently is hard but its the connecting with the reader and wanting them to engage with you thats the toughest part for me..so I took a few days off and caught up on other blogs, watched some murder mysteries and now I'm laying in bed after my workout and I'm ready to put together what sometimes helps pull me out the quicksand that sucks me and my creativity in. 

I posted a snapshot of my bullet journal on instagram earlier today and wrote about how every morning I wake up and write things I'm grateful for and just jot down anything that comes to mind. I found that really investing in the idea of bullet journaling as a way to brain dump while also keeping my schedule helps me a lot. whats even better is on those days where I can't create anything I can look at my ideas in the journal and see if I'm feeling creative enough to bring them to life. 

1. Writing in my bullet journal 

2. join or create a group chat full of creatives you can bounce ideas off of

hands down BEST THING I EVER DID. a girl I follow on twitter Yan Blaze who is a creative genius when it comes to marketing and music put out a tweet about gathering up a bunch of jersey creatives and putting them into a WhatsApp chat so we have a safe space to promote, bounce ideas off of or just speak to like minded people I knew it made sense for me to join and during the rough moments when nothing is flowing I'm able to open up the app and ask for some feedback on a piece I'm writing, a photo I'm trying to bring to life or constructive criticism and I've noticed that this chat has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and also brought out some of my best work to date.


3. get lost in a good book and let your mind drift for awhile

my husband can back this up but I am the queen of getting so lost in a book I completely ignore everything that's going on around me including any problems or issues I'm having. I always have at least 20 books on my kindle ready for me to dive into when the moment strikes me. 


4. relax 

do not push yourself to create content you do not believe in - people can read through bullshit and you are doing yourself a disservice if you put out content just to get it out there so you can stick to your 3-4x a week post. 

step back, relax and figure out a new strategy. you'll thank yourself later.