little black dress.


This weekend the time finally came to celebrate finishing the Little Black Dress Challenge strong. I spoke briefly about it in a post 2 weeks ago and the fun news is - I WON THE CHALLENGE! I actually did what I set out to do. On the first day of the challenge during a wall sit I looked over to the woman sitting next to me and said, "I'm winning this challenge. In 6 weeks they'll be announcing me as the winner." and damn, I did it. I was able to put on a SIZE SMALL dress and while it wasn't as tight as it could be I still felt unstoppable and downright beautiful in my own skin. I feel like that was the true winning moment. Its been a hard fought road to get here but I made it and I'm going to keep working the weight off and focusing on living the most healthy lifestyle I can. 

The best part of winning the challenge was being able to buy a new dress, get my hair curled, mani and pedi AND get my makeup done as part of my "makeover". It was an amazing feeling to be rewarded with a self care day to celebrate the hardwork I put in during the last 6 weeks. What a jorueny, literally. I am feeling better, more confident and overall healthier and I'm so excited to keep pushing myself to see how much better my body gets. 


Little Black Dress

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