skrt skrt on these fall layers.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

Yall. My favorite time of year has arrived - FALL. I mean, bring on the layers, the leather and the hot lattes. I am shaking with excitement from the temperatures dropping and unpacking the fall boxes as I prepare and put together the outfits I have been jonesing for since June. I don't hate summer, its alright but if we’re being honest I could live without it - especially once my birthday comes and goes, its lights out for summer. I am a fall and spring girl through and through. I hate winter, hate summer so fall and spring are the perfect seasons for me. I am that girl who gets excited to bust out the leather pants, the leather jackets and of course the oversized flannels and sweaters.

So, on Monday I released my first “Fall Essential” which was the perfect blazer and while I know that will get a lot of use in my closet I am introducing you my all time favorite piece - THE COZY KNIT. I practically live in my sweaters during the colder months, they work well underneath overalls, under leather jackets, over dresses that you want to rock as skirts - just work on everything in general.

This particular one is from Gap (are we surprised) and I just picked it up in a red color that i’m super undecided on so we shall see if I can somehow work color into my wardrobe. I feel like I am finished with my wardrobe. I now have pieces that fit, and work in so many different ways. I am so excited!

If my shoots go as I have them scheduled this weekend (crosses fingers) i’ll be back on Monday with all another post regarding my current must have fall staples!